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Interior Wall Painting Ideas Techniques

Interior Wall Painting Ideas Techniques - There are also decorative interior wall painting techniques that add visual interest to your walls. Some interior decorative painting techniques that you can use include color washing, frying or aging, or hazing.

Interior Wall Painting Ideas Techniques

Other decorative interior wall painting techniques include metal leafing, cloth painting or rolling cloth and sponge.

First, here are some techniques of painting with a professional look. First, when you use a brush, hold near the base of the handle near the brush for better control. When you add the paintbrush, halfway to dip the brush in the paint, then press the very edge of the box. Put enough pressure on the brush to just bend the bristles, and avoid incurring too strong.

When using a roller, roll the roller in the paint and slowly roll back until well coated. Eliminate additional painting by rolling the roller forward and backward through the ridges in the tray. Paint a small (2 feet) square at a time rather than using long, downward strokes.

For best decorative interior wall painting techniques, try one of these for theater or visual interest. Color wash involves two colors of latex paint shade and similar brightness. First, paint the wall in a base layer using the brighter of the two colors. The bottom layer should be a satin finish. After the base coat is dry, dip a cloth toweling in the top coat color and rub it on the vortex wall, working from top to bottom and from left to right, experimenting with the thickness of the layer finish. Allow time to complete the entire project at once.

Another interior wall painting technique crackles or aging wall. Again, start with solid latex to the base layer. In general, you choose an eggshell finish in a color you want to have showing through the cracks and creaks of the finish. Therefore, for this interior painting technique, you will add an additive commercially purchased a "cracking" or "antique" additive to your top coat of paint. The additive thickens the paint and causes cracking in the finish. You use wax to seal the finish on the wall.

A very popular interior wall painting technique is ragging. Also known as, rag rolling, interior painting technique offers a lot of depth and visual interest, because it uses a mixture of three different colors.

Interior Wall Painting Ideas Techniques - Choose two complementary colors in the same color family for a base layer; paint them randomly through the wall covering completely. Then diluting a lighter coat with three parts water and one part paint. To complete the look of this technique interior paint, dip a cloth in diluted paint, and press loose on the wall, mixing the three colors together.

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