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Exotic Wall Paint Colors

Exotic Wall Paint ColorsHave you or someone you know have an outgoing and exuberant personality? Are any of you looking for a way to express yourself through the decoration? Animal prints and bright colors or animal prints and neutral colors are a great way to attract attention and make a living room. Using black, white, red, and together is a wonderful way to show the expression, but if you are looking for more neutral colors, try a subtle animal print. Whichever you use, you can be sure that your rooms will attract the attention of all who enter.

Exotic Wall Paint Colors

Exotic Wall Paint Colors

Do not be afraid to red!

When it comes to decorating with exotic appeal, you want to be able to make the look of the dynamic and attractive room, without exaggerating. For the ultimate impact, paint your walls of the Red Room. If you do not want to use red for the whole room, try painting the wall behind your bed red, leaving the remaining walls white or cream. Use paper painted animal print as a border or to cover a single wall or a portion of the wall. This is a great way to add touches of excitement to the room.

Choose basic furniture, which are not in competition

A great way to add to the room is to choose furniture that complements reds and animal print, but does not compete with them. A good way to balance the color scheme is to choose dark or white chocolate that are solidly colored furniture.

When it comes to bed, a black wrought iron bed adds elegance and does not participate. This type of bed is perfect when accessorized with black lacquered furniture as a stand to draw or night. Brass or silver finish metal headboards work well in the exotic theme.

Litter animal print really adds the factor "wow"! Black or red leaves are the perfect complement to Zebra prints, and copies of cow or leopard. A giraffe theme works well with cream-colored bedding; consider a giraffe or zebra carpet placed on the side or foot of the bed to an impact.

Window Treatments

Use window treatments that complement the room nicely. For the walls a neutral color, consider curtains with an exotic design. If you decide to go with bold walls, mesh curtains are mixed with other elements of the room, creating a soft flirty effect.

Wall decor is where your creativity really comes in. Consider framed prints animals in bold shades of red or black for walls that appear really! On a large wall, choose a print oversized dominates the wall. In the bedroom, two to three small white wall prints will come to life.

The small details are often what "make" a room. Consider lamps with lampshades, acorns designed in a zebra or leopard, and bold ceramic bases. Candles can be found in bold black and red, and you can find them available in exotic styles. If you choose to use red and black as your basic colors, brass accents add a glow that illuminates the room.

Exotic Wall Paint ColorsYou are not wallflower, so make sure your home is that you are! Using animal prints paired with bold colors or neutral colors, you can make a statement about which you are - and the look is refreshing and beautiful.

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