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How to Select Paint Colors for Living Room

How to Select Paint Colors for Living RoomA selection interior wall paint color is a stressful and overwhelming event for many homeowners. The only area of ​​the decoration seems to pain more than any other. After thinking about it, I narrowed it down to three main reasons why this is the case, and solutions corresponding to help you address this process.

How to Select Paint Colors for Living Room

How to Select Paint Colors for Living Room

1. Selecting paint colors for your walls is an important commitment. Walls and ceilings are a huge amount of visual space in your home; if you choose the wrong color, it is very difficult to ignore these walls 8 feet screaming at you every day!

Solution: Test strips! Narrow your paint selections for the first 2-3 choice. Buy bottles of small samples and 1 foot square painting on different walls of the room. Living with these samples for a few days and see which one you gravitate towards. This is the best way to avoid collaborating with the wrong color.

2. Painting is elusive. The colors change every minute of the day depending on lighting; a color can look completely different in another room or even another wall.

Solution: Be aware of how your paint strips look at different times of the day. If a color is slightly too dark try using the next lighter paint in that color family.

3. Noticing color saturation and tones is a learned art. If you do not select paint colors for a living chances are that you will be attracted to paint colors that are too saturated fat and to live with on a daily basis.

Selecting Paint Colors for Living RoomStart with the color you are drawn first, and then get off at two places on the paint sample for a lighter version of that color. While you can enjoy a very saturated color in general, it does not always translate well on the interior walls. You can use more bright and bold versions of that color in accents like pillows, artwork etc.

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