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Innovative Wall Painting Ideas

Innovative Wall Painting IdeasAre you bored with drab walls of your home? Looking for something exclusive, trendy, and interesting? If so, you are really close to find answers to your questions! It is not necessary to paint the walls bright colors to achieve originality. Neutral colors can be used so successfully when creating a unique design. The secret here is that it is the retailer really matters. Professional painters often know them and if you decide to hire one of them, they are sure to offer plenty of tips and tricks to make your home an exclusive look!

Innovative Wall Painting Ideas

Innovative Wall Painting Ideas

When it comes to the children's bedroom, the majority will go with pink and blue colors according to traditional sex of the baby; however; there are many ways you can get creative when wall painting children's rooms. Drawing of caricatures, cars, planes or anything on the walls is a great way to create a unique space for your children; while other options include writing letters of the alphabet or numbers on the walls or points incorporating, stripes and geometric shapes in the design.

Faux painting is another way to create an original design of your walls. Everyone is tired of paint accent walls in solid colors, but using a faux painting instead give a more luxurious look to your home and make sure it looks unique; consider stone imitations, denim, suede or Venetian plaster.

Most of us are afraid to incorporate black accent walls in their homes as they think it is welcoming and intimidating; however, the painting of an accent wall in black is a great way to rest of the colors, and objects in the room stand out. Therefore, in this case, black is not unpleasant, but is rather clarified.

Who said that the walls should be painted in a color necessarily? No one, that is good! Consider painting your walls in two or more colors or different shades of color by dividing the upper and lower parts of the wall. Usually choosing a darker contrasting color to the bottom looks really nice.

Innovative Wall Painting IdeasFinally, do not forget that you have and the fifth wall - the ceiling! Paint your upper wall is a great way to add a unique character to the room and create certain mood. You can even make the ceiling of your accent wall or consider painting some ornaments on it.

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