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Interior Exterior Wall Painting Color Combination

Interior Exterior Wall Painting Color Combination - Depending on how you look, and how long you want to invest in, paint the inside and outside of your home could be a pretty job, or just a breeze. All that is needed is for you to know some basic things about painting and how it affects the surfaces that are normally painted over. This would normally apply to most types of paint used for these purposes, whether interior and exterior paint color combinations.

Paint finishes
There are several types of paint finishes; you can choose which are readily available on the market. These finishes are usually certain types of surfaces where they are better applied, to maximize their effectiveness.

Glossy finish and semi-gloss - As its name suggests, this type of finish of pain reflects light quite better than any other paint finish when it dries. This finish is a popular choice for rooms and spaces that see the most wear and tear, these kitchens and bathrooms, and is used on surfaces known to take a beating, like floors, railings, cabinets and other furniture, and even on the doors and trim. Gloss and semi-gloss paint finishes are relatively easy to clean and may be more resistant to common stains.

Satin - This type of finish of the pain is also known as eggshell, for obvious reasons. The final effect gives off a soft glow, similar to what you see on the surface of a clean egg. This finish is very durable and is ideal for use in high traffic areas in the home, such as stairs, children's rooms and living room. For interior wall applications, a satin finish is quite good.

Flat matt finish - This type of paint finish is popular for its ability to hide minor surface imperfections, because of its ability to absorb light rather than reflect it, like other types of finish paint. This type of paint finish is recommended for areas that receive little traffic because it does not wash as well as other types of finishes of pain.

Now that you know the different types of paint finish, you are better equipped to make an informed decision as to what type of paint finish you will use in your home. Parts of the house that see little less traffic and activity would be better applied with a flat paint finish, this is also true if you try to cover some imperfection or defect in the minor surface of an area. Be warned though, a flat finish paint is notoriously more difficult to clean than other finishes of pain.

Areas of the home that see medium to high traffic and activity would be better painted with semi-gloss paint finish. Semi-gloss is more durable than a flat paint finish can be cleaned and a little easier, providing a surface that is not too dull and not too bright.

Interior Exterior Wall Painting Color Combination - Finally, the areas of the home that is often frequented by the most people would be better applied with a high-gloss paint finish, and you will be happy with yourself if you do not follow this piece of good advice. Finishing high gloss paint resists a lot of punishment and will clean very well. This makes it a good choice for interior paint color combinations and exterior paint color combinations.

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