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Neon Paint Colors for Walls

Neon Paint Colors for Walls - With spring upon us, it is not surprising that we are already pulling the shades of trendy fashion store shelves in the hope of being above trend. For 2012, if the neon colors have just conferred with fashion, they have already entered the world of interior design. Although these colors are not for everyone, if you are in bright vivid colors, then this could be for you. Some trends pallet neon colors that you might see in interior design in the spring.

Neon Yellow
In recent years, the yellow color has been particularly fashionable, trendy not only but also in interior design. Neon yellow was mixed with white, black and gray help contain the vibrant hues and coloring. While it is not recommended that you paint your neon yellow walls, this particular shade can be a great way to add splashes of color to your space. For example, if you were held on trends with lounge designs, you may have noticed that the gray color palettes are extremely in. Noting the cushions, you will see that they can even be neon yellow. This concept can also be applied to designs of the room, if desired.

Neon Blue
Curiously, blue neon has been popping up in a few key areas: maternal and designs bathroom designs. Amazingly, there are people out there who are comfortable in using neon blue tiles in their bathroom spaces. Neon blue is not as visually overwhelming as the neon yellow, making it a color "safer" for many people.

Neon Pink
It is not surprising that the room designs for teenage girls emerge with neon pink color palettes. This particular shade is mixed with black, white, ivory and even neon yellow. Of course, since they are spaces for teenagers, people are more comfortable with their teenagers for using these colors. After all, the paint is paint!

Neon Green
Just like neon yellow, neon green is especially popular with living room designs. This is especially true of living room designs, which feature gray or ivory color palettes. Neon green is a surprising shade of these free spaces, so it may be worth considering if you want to add a touch of color to your palette of gray or ivory colors.

Neon Paint Colors for Walls - These are some of the many different neon colors there. In fact, you might be surprised what other neon colors are there. Aside from the expected orange neon, purple and red neon, there is also a brown neon hue, which is almost a burnt sienna or subtle orange hue search. With so many different options out there, neon is a trend that you could, if desired, be incorporated in the design of your existing interior relatively transparent.

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