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New Wall Paint Color Trends

New Wall Paint Color TrendsJust like fashion, paint styles may change with the season. If you are ready to upgrade your home just in time for the fall or winter, check these up-and-coming wall paint color trends to add to your palette:

New Wall Paint Color Trends

New Wall Paint Color Trends


While this may seem like a boring, go to paint color, with white to paint, a commonly used piece will provide a clean, fresh feeling to the atmosphere. For families who avoid white paint like the plague, it may be time to think again.

It is possible to use white paint in a family room by painting with strategic erasable paint dry. This type of paint is easy to clean with baby wipes or Windex to get rid of spots and small sticky fingerprints. Even if you have small children, you can continue to enjoy the pure white walls to set the tone in a living room or den.


While shades of blue can mean spring and summer, blue shades can work well in autumn and winter, depending on the intensity. Deep shades of blue as blueberries or Blue Ocean can blend well with a palette of autumn colors including chocolate brown and forest green.

A dark blue can be used to create a classic tone to a room, especially when marine or navy blue use. Consider pairing navy blue with cream to decorate a centerpiece in the home like the kitchen or home office.


While shades of brown may seem obvious for fall and winter, they work best when paired with snowy shades like soft gray or frosted blue. Using these cool colors with a warm brown tone, you can set the scene in a living room or master bedroom.

If you have a winter landscape on your mind, consider using several warm shades of brown with golden shades to brighten up a cold day; paint colors such as brown coriander, gold and citrine natural cream will work well in combination to a living room or a guest room feels warm and inviting.


As an accent color, charcoal is a trend this season, pairing well with creamy neutrals and deep color pops, like red cinnamon. When decorating with coal as a paint color, try to imagine a warm, fireplace. Charcoal can be used as an accent shade in conjunction with a neutral color; use a dark vibrant color like hunter green or deep red to balance.

If you are not ready for a bold burst of color for now, consider using charcoal and a neutral color such as steam with a hot autumn brown tint like pear or tan saddle. Although many people do not think to pair coal with a golden shade of brown, it offers contemporary balance again when used as an accent.

New Wall Paint Color TrendsUpdate your home with fall and winter paint color trends are a way to revamp your space on a budget. These colors of the season are both eye-catching and exciting, offering the ideal setting for a great first impression with entertaining guests.

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