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Wall Painting Matching Colors

Wall Painting Matching ColorsThe walls of our house take a beating as we go through life. To move furniture for kids who play indoor hockey, paint on our walls is under constant stress. In addition, unfortunately, if your walls are not painted in a while, the editing may not match.

Wall Painting Matching Colors

Wall Painting Matching Colors

Your paint color change over time

This may sound crazy, but really make your walls change color over time. As time passes, the paint on your walls change color from dirt, moisture, molten sun, and smoke. Dust and dirt is deposited on the surface that can change the color. If you burn candles or use fireplaces, soot can distort the original colors. Even the sun can come through the windows and blend existing colors on your walls. Therefore, even if you have the same paint, it most likely will not match after a year or two on the wall.

Computerized Match Color

One way to fight against these color changes is match the color of the existing wall with a computer. A small sample of the wall can be removed with a knife and took it down to your local home improvement store. The computer will create a mixture of paint that wills almost matching the existing wall paint color.


Another method to solve the problem of editing is to paint the entire plane of the wall. You paint a corner on the wall that must be touched up to avoid color shift. This works in most cases. You can even go with a very different color to create an accent wall. This way, if the wall color is significantly different, it will create a design element instead of a question mark.

Mix It

Wall Painting Matching ColorsSometimes it just does not make sense to paint a huge wall for a little retouching. If you have a large surface of the wall like this that needs a touch, try mixing paint repair with a brush. By flag of the paint on the edges, you can sometimes ease the transition between colors. When we say pen or a mixture we hear are reducing the thickness of the paint on the edges. This will allow some of the existing paint to show by the edge between different colors less pronounced.

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