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5 Ways to Conquer Your Home Design Creative Block

Got a blank wall. Stuck in the habit of decorating? We have all been there, listening to the thrum echoes through the empty space, wondering how on earth I fill this space and where I started.

Here are five ways to improve or jump and conquer the creative block that houses the head designer at:

1}. Go on Home Tours
What better way to learn what you like (and dislike) than to look at how others do it? With the summer season upon us, realtors are opening the doors of all their listings, welcoming everyone inside to take a peek.
Even if you are not in the market for a new home, consider walking through some open houses in neighborhoods you admire. Note the way the home is staged, the colors they choose and the way the furniture is placed. If there is something you admire, perhaps take a picture so that you can mimic it in your own home.
5 Ways to Conquer Your Home Design Creative Block
Go on Home Tours
2}.Pin Till Your Fingers Hurt
Perhaps you feel uncomfortable walking through a bunch of open houses—especially if you aren’t in the market for a new home. Sites like Pinterest and Freshome are the next best solution.
Create boards on these sites and gather images of all the housewares and designs that catch your eye. Remember, you are in the learning stage. The purpose of all this browsing and pinning is to learn what your eye is drawn to. It is imperative you become acquainted with your own unique style before you begin to decorate.
5 Ways to Conquer Your Home Design Creative Block
Pin Till Your Fingers Hurt
3}. Window Shop and Browse, But Don’t Buy
Yes, more looking, but like we said, it is better to look and become acquainted with what you truly love before buying. Decorator showrooms are great sources for browsing high-end furnishings and housewares.
These showrooms are usually decked out in all the latest and greatest design trends, showing you a vast range of decor styles, allowing you to gravitate to the ones that speak to who you are. The things you like may surprise you.  You may discover a style you never even knew you had. Stop yourself from buying at first sight because the next section below will tell you how to get these showroom designs at bargain prices.
5 Ways to Conquer Your Home Design Creative Block
Window Shop and Browse, But Don’t Buy
4}.Hire a Designer
There is a myth that only wealthy people can afford to hire an interior designer. This is untrue—anyone can hire a designer. No matter your budget, there is an interior designer or decorator out there who can meet your needs—even if it’s just an initial small job of choosing paint colors for your home. You just have to do your research first.
Here’s the other great advantage of hiring a designer: they can get you all those showroom pieces at a discount. Designer showrooms usually offer a designers discount of up to 40-50%.
5 Ways to Conquer Your Home Design Creative Block
Hire a Designer
There’s something to be said about making mistakes—sometimes mistakes are the best avenue to learning. Sometimes this is what it takes to get it right— trying, discovering something is still wrong, and then trying again till you get it right.
Depending on the scale of your design project, this can become costly and it can test your patience. However, for those with an adventuresome spirit; those who are willing to make a few mistakes along the way, this can be a great experiment to discover what your design sense truly is. So go ahead and paint your walls that daring red. You may discover your new favorite color, or perhaps you will make an epic fail and learn never to make that mistake again.
5 Ways to Conquer Your Home Design Creative Block
Do you feel a little more creative now. Simply step forward and begin the adventure of your decor. It takes time and a lot of browsing to find your own unique design taste,

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