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Stunning Modern Chic Apartment Interior in Kiev

Apartment Interior always impressed because of how strong is the personality of each space. You can easily see the interest and love to see just one owner of each interior. I know you've seen a lot of apartment interior but each actually had a different story to tell. Today, we'll show you apartments with stylish interior design. This one has a modern style with a few chic accent that will make you love it because it not only displays the sleekness of a modern design but also shows the current style of chic side through the furniture and decorations.

Our apartments feature today is located in Kiev, Ukraine. Apparently, the space has a traditional touch some subtle architecture but has a beautiful modern style to furniture. Has hardwood floors and
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Designer: Lera Katasonova
Style: Contemporary
Number of Levels: One-storey
Unique feature: The apartment has subtle traditional features in its architecture but has modern furnishings and decorations. a white interior that gives the room the feel of a warm and spacious. The door of France, crown molding and look in the Interior that can convey the message that the structure was built a year ago at this time is the trend in interior design. But that does not preclude the designer to give a room a new look and better. Let's see how the space looks like now.
Stunning Modern Chic Apartment Interior in Kiev 
Stunning Modern Chic Apartment Interior in Kiev
Although the room has modern design, has the feel of an eclectic as well because the use of various decorations such as what we can see. It is like a mix of Art Deco art and industrial design of the lamp with the furniture.

Stunning Modern Chic Apartment Interior in Kiev
In the corner, a beautiful black lounge chair with ottoman is placed. To add more life to it, plants and mirrors and lights a large ceiling was added. I can tell that this is a reading area for the owners.

Stunning Modern Chic Apartment Interior in Kiev
Other bathrooms in the apartment with walls of blue green accent color contrast for bathroom fixtures. The lights here also brought some stylish touch to the space. They looked like a spaceship hovering around the bathroom!

Stunning Modern Chic Apartment Interior in Kiev
In the bathroom, it used frosted glass for shower areas. It has a floating modern white dressing table where the sink is added on top of it. Consider layering rugs here too.

The apartments are designed by Lera Katasonova and looks very neat, elegant and comfortable. The choice of furniture and the way the settings have a great impact to the room. This color is used also contributed to the design area, equipped with a beautiful decoration and furniture placed in it. This space shows us that we don't need to decorate or add too much color to achieve a beautiful interior. Also, remember that regardless of the aesthetic, the most important function because it's Beauty will be nothing if not practical.

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