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Eating place with wood design

The smart living room, the beautiful kitchen with the beautiful gray island in the heart is a breakfast-style breakfast zone and the formal dining rooms are all visually connected to each other. Windows and framed glass door partitions allow the uninterrupted flow of natural light coming from the backyard and ceiling lights above the central staircase.

The all-white kitchen with marble surface features a beautiful central island at the heart of the 'social space' which creates many opportunities for interaction between family members. Large wooden deck and open dining room add to the lifestyle in the open air.

Scattered throughout the house offers a simple overall shape and interior that is determined by function and sustainability. Large windows bring plenty of natural light and reduce dependence on artificial lighting while warm wood surfaces offer perfect insulation.

The choice of decoration also reflects the architect's intention to create a lasting space that combines modern ergonomics with a more classic design. But it's not just aesthetics that influences this simple industrial display choice because homeowners also want energy-efficient homes with lots of natural ventilation and smart green trust.

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