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The best beautiful masjid in world design

The building with the full name of the Islamic Center Lhokseumawe rises to the sky. Located in the city center, this mosque is the grandest mosque in the city of Lhokseumawe, Aceh. Established since 2001 on an area of ​​33,748 meters with a building area of ​​16,475 square meters, the mosque was the center of attention for residents visiting the city.

Of the many designs and forms of display of a place that we occupy such as home, living room, kitchen, bathroom dining table and others that we apply in our own home, maybe we are confused to determine the design and appearance that we apply to the inside own home, don't be confused now the era is getting more sophisticated and easier to determine something that we might not have thought about.

We are from the wallpainting team. DESGIN I have provided a solution for those of you who are struggling to find good ideas, with that we provide some of the latest examples that are most able to eliminate anxiety in finding beautiful, unique and comfortable designs. in vision.

Here we want to discuss a little bit (post title) that is really good to be applied in a place, which we make and we change, some bright colors and a mix of room sizes must be appropriate and according to size, so we must be good at choosing colors and furniture to get a great result so that it does not look cramped and messy, a place that is not separated from the variety of colors that are applied in a house, the more color the more attractive the room is. Here we do not need the size of a large house or a small one as long as we can apply it properly it must look very extraordinary, such as mini malis houses although the results are small but the results are quite good and that certainly does not need too much money.
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